Must Visit Restaurants in Sicily

Sicilian restaurants are homes to some of the best cuisines in the world. Italy has always been famous for its excellent food; food from Sicilian restaurants is no exception to this. Visiting a Sicilian restaurant is not just a memorable experience due to the food served; the leisurely way food is presented it a high art skill. Sicilian cuisine resembles the extraordinary and various cultural heritage inherited from its history. Most restaurants in Palermo and the coastal regions mainly serve their customers with seafood dishes. Different cheap hotels can be found here. However, Palermo is home to the best Sicilian restaurants in the area. While in the area, must visit restaurants to try are:


Vittorio Restaurant


If you love seafood, this is the best place to have it when in Sicily. The restaurant serves seafood primarily. When you are here, you will relax and ooze some pleasure due to the perfect setting and vibe of the place. The menu of the restaurant is well displayed on the right edge of the sea. This list contains the pasta dishes served as well as the schedule of the entertaining program. You will be spoilt for choices to choose from the freshest octopus, lobster, prawns, and tuna grilled to perfection. Tart and sweet lean granite mixed with tiny wild berries are used as the dessert. While in here, you can order for fresh wines produced by the locals.


Hotel Signum


The restaurant is situated in a green and peaceful island of Salina. The dishes and drinks here are refined and stylish as the lodgings. The main recipes featured are local ingredients like the house-made pasta, caper berries, and fresh fish. The drinks and dishes will thrill even the most discriminating appetite. As the sun sets, you can be enjoying the evening at an adjacent cocktail bar. As darkness settles, move to a cooling dining room to relax and enjoy dinner. There are a variety of local beers and delicious wines from both Sicily and the island of Salina, and they range between four and seven courses. You can also enjoy signature here; it is a cannoli filled with a cream of Baccala.

San Pietro


The restaurant is located in the seaside town of Trapani in western Sicily. You should book this hotel ahead of time as it is ever occupied. The best thing about the hotel is that they have a handwritten menu they place on the tables. The menu lists the freshest meals from the sea and market that day. At San Pietro, you are sure to be served with a house antipasto inside hand printed ceramic dishes. Other unique recipes here include Cuscusu alla Trapanese. This dish is a local Sicilian couscous with almonds, saffron, tomatoes, and shellfish. Special pasta you can get here is busiate Alla Norma. This pasta has a twisted shape of pasta and contains a slice of eggplant, tomatoes and pine nuts.


The restaurants mentioned above are just a sample of restaurants that can be found in Sicily. Whenever you visit Sicily, you are guaranteed to get the best seafood, swordfish, tuna and red mullet which forms a part of the island’s cuisine. In addition, you will find pasta dishes which are famous to the Italians. Fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as the warm climate, will be readily available. Sicilian possesses the talent to offer great food to visitors in the island. All Sicilian restaurants will serve you with unique cuisine.